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Aquasol Water Softener Tablet Salt

Aquasol is the ideal compacted salt product for regeneration of domestic and smaller commercial water softeners. Aquasol is used and recommended by many of the UK’s leading manufacturers of water softeners.

  • production conforms to ISO 9001:2000 ensuring consistent, high product quality.
  • briquettes formed by roll-compacting pure dried vacuum salt extracted from food-grade feedstock, a clear mark of purity and quality.
  • carefully controlled compacting process produces hard, porous briquettes which rapidly dissolve to premium quality brine.
  • very low levels of organic and inorganic impurities minimise build-up of contaminants which can reduce softener efficiency.

Chemical                       Specification         Typical
Assay as NaCl             99.75%                  99.75%
Calcium mg/kg (Ca)      100.0                      60.0
Magnesium mg/kg (Mg)1.0                          0.3

Dimensions (mm)   23 x 19 x 10
Weight (gms)         6.6

Aquasol is available in 25 kg polythene bags, palletised as 1,225 kg (49 x 25 kg).

CAS No. 7647-14-5 EINECS No. 231-598-3
Sodium Chloride 99.9 % minimum on dry basis
By weight 39.4% Sodium and 60.6% Chloride
Aquasol is treated with parts per million levels of a non-toxic anti-caking additive, sodium hexacyanoferrate (II) - E535
Inhalation - Remove patient to fresh air. Keep warm and at rest. Give drinks if desired.
Ingestion - Vomiting will probably occur. Provided the patient is conscious give plenty of liquid to drink. Obtain immediate medical attention especially if vomiting has not occurred.
Eye Contact - Irrigate with eyewash solution or water. If symptoms persist obtain medical help.
Skin Contact - Wash with plenty of water.
Material not listed in the “List of Dangerous Substances for Supply”
Material not listed in the “List of Dangerous Substances for Conveyance by Road”

If you require a granular salt ask for Granulite.