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Which Type of Water Softener Salt Do You Need?

Water Softener Salt comes in three forms, Tablet Salt, Granular Salt and Block Salt. These are made from ordinary common salt, sodium chloride - this being the same type of salt you sprinkle on your chips! The major difference being the way it is compacted into the different grades. Like most UK salt distributors, Water Softener Salt UK sell all three grades in a range of convenient and cost effective quantities for delivery throughout the UK.

Tablet Salt

Tablet Water Softener salt is sometimes called Pellet Salt and is the most common, being used in most domestic and many commercial water softeners. Salt tablets are either pillow shaped, like a humbug sweet or a round tablet roughly the size of a bottle top. Tablet salt is typically packed in 25kg bags, although 10kg bags are available but at a price premium. Most of todays water softeners use salt tablets.  Popular brands include Hydrosoft and Aquasol which are both premium British Salts made from rock salt from Cheshire.  Aquasol is also the market leading premium tablet salt.

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Granular Salt

Granular Water Softener Salt, sometimes known as granulated salt is used for dishwashers and generally older water softeners. Granular salt is also generally used in commercial and industrial grade softeners. Some Culligan brands of softener also use granular salt which is known as Care Crystals. Popular brands include Hydrosoft and Granulite which are both premium British Salts made from rock salt from Cheshire. As like Tablet salt, Granular Salt is typically packed in 25kg bags, although 10kg bags are available but again at a price premium.

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Block Salt

Block Salt is the latest development in water softening salt. Designed to be very dense to get the maximum salt autonomy period (the length of time between refills) for the latest generation of small twin cylinder non electric block salt water softeners. Salt blocks come in packs of two, each weighing 4kg, The pack has a built-in handle making lifting and handling a very easy option and particularly suitable for softener owners who may be older or with mobility or lifting difficulties. Although block salt is more expensive on a weight for weight basis, it is used in water softeners that are usually very efficient, so in many cases the total cost is similar overall. The main brands of block salt are Harveys Block Salt, Kinetico Block Salt and Aquasol Block Salt. They are all universally suitable for the popular brands of block salt water softener including Kinetico, Mini Max, crown, Twin-tec, Monarch and many others.

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