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Water Softener Salt Tablets 10kg Bags

Newer water softening systems tend to use salt in tablet form. Tablet salt is better for several reasons. The first is that the tablets are extremely convenient to use. One does not have to measure out precise amounts, and spillage is virtually non-existent. The second advantage of water softening systems that use salt tablets is that the salt stays in a single piece until it is almost completely dissolved, which increases water flow through the system by preventing the salt crystals form clogging the screens.

Water Softener Salt UK

 We stock both the Hydrosoft and Aquasol premium brands of salt tablets, as well as non-branded tablets for maximum value for money.

Aquasol Water Softening Salt Tablets Aquasol salt tablets are actually pillow shaped briquettes.  These are ideal for use in smaller domestic water softening systems as well as the larger commercial units.  Each pillow is compressed from fine-grained salt crystals to ensure they dissolve evenly and efficiently.  The Aquasol manufacturing system uses vacuum drying for a higher quality briquette.  Smaller salt crystals dissolve rapidly to improve brine performance.  The Aquasol production process is fully ISO 9001:2008 accredited. Aquasol is the market leading tablet salt... this tablet salt is about as good as it gets.

Hydrosoft Water Softener Salt Tablets Hydrosoft is one of the biggest names in the industry because of the uncompromising quality of their products and the exceptional price point they offer us in larger lots. Hydrosoft is known for their smooth, strong tablets which resist breaking up during use.These are some of the purest salt tablets on the market – As they say, nothing is added, and nothing is taken away. They are manufactured and compacted using the latest technology, for a higher quality product. These tablets therefore allow your water softening system to work at its best.