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Watersource Water Softener Resin Cleaner Liquid 500ML

Watersource Water Softener Resin Cleaner Liquid 500ML

This light acidic solution is ideal for the removal of resin fouling that gradually over time decreases the effects and capacity of ion exchange resin found in all water softeners. Free Delivery.

*Suitable for all brands of softeners.
*Helps maintain softener capacity.
*Regular use prolongs resin life. It prevents rust and scale build up in your tubes and valves.
*Easy to use. Just pour liquid into the salt chamber.

Resin Cleaner provides the perfect solution for you to maintain your water softener as it increases their durability for a long time. It is a great way to restore and maintain your softener resin at peak operating efficiency.

Failure to regenerate the resin will stop your water softener from working and will no longer be effective in removing limescale.

Resin cleaner helps in reducing softener regeneration meaning less salt and water costs. It also removes ion silt organics and manganese from your unit.

*Non hazardous cleaner to rejuvenate the efficiency of water softener resin.
*Easy to apply by adding to the salt tank - the softener's regeneration cycle takes care of the rest
*Treat regularly as part of your maintenance regime to keep the resin in tip top condition
*Helps maintain efficiency and reduce overall running costs.
*Acts as a steriliser clearing and preventing bacteria build up
*Cleans the Softener valve by removing any mineral build up that may cause premature wearing of key parts

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