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Watersprite Water Softener Salt Pellets 10kg x12

12 x 10kg Bags at £7.55+VAT

Tablet/Pellet Water Softener Salt 10kg Bags
Boxes Containing 12 x 10kg Bags

Our high quality refined water softener salt pellets are very popular in the UK. These softener salt tablets are 99.8% pure. Packed in strong 10kg bags

• Suitable for all tablet salt domestic, residential and industrial water softeners
• Dissolves evenly and efficiently
• Curved faces specially designed for an optimum water flow
• Highly purity tablet salt with no additives
• Free of residual substances, no sediment, no deposits in the salt tank
• Food grade quality
• High-pressure compacted, never disintegrates
• Minimal ecological footprint
• Avoids need for expensive maintenance
• Fewer system failures

These water softener salt tablets are parcel shaped pellets

This product is dispatched from our warehouse in boxes and delivered by courier usually within three working days.

only £108.72

£90.60 exc. VAT

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