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Salt for Swimming Pool Chlorine Generators

Recent years have seen an explosive growth of automatic swimming pool chlorine generators which use salt as a method of keeping swimming pool water clean and safe. They work by passing a weak electric current through pool water containing salt (sodium chloride) thereby generating sodium hypochlorite. Normally between 3kg and 5kg of salt for every 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of swimming pool volume is required. Recommended dose varies according to the equipment used so it is important that the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your chlorine generator are followed.

Please contact the manufacturer of your equipment for information on which type of salt to use in your pool. There are a great number of models and manufacturers each with their own set of recommendations and so we are unable to advise you on which type of salt to use, however we do have Poolsel which is specifically made for Swimming Pool Chlorine Generators. Further details can be seen here:

Buy Poolsel Swimming Pool Chlorinator Salt

An alternative which is also suitable, is our Monarch Water Softener Granular Salt

See manufacturers "recomended for swimming pools" information below:

Monarch quite often get asked if their salt is suitable for use in swimming pools as well as water softeners. Following testing and compliance approval with the updated European biocide legislation EU: 528/2012, we can say YES. This legislation states that only registered suppliers are able to claim their salt is bacteriostatic for use in chlorination units within swimming pool electrolysis activators, but of equal importance confirms their salt’s unique high level bacteriostatic specification for use within all water softeners also.

Approvals: BS: EN 973 Class A – UK Food Grade Approval HR Approval No: 24.00024/A – European Food Grade Approval EU: 528/2012 – European Biocidal Products Registration