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Azelis Broste Water Softener Salt Tablets 25kg

25kg Bag £16.66+VAT including delivery

Azelis Broste Premium Tablet Water Softener Salt
Box Containing 1 x 25kg Bags

Our refined, premium quality, water softener salt tablets are very popular in the UK. Round salt tablets measure approximately 25mm x 18mm and are packed in strong 25kg bags

Azelis provides a comprehensive range of salts for the softening of water in industrial and domestic applications. These salts are of high purity specifically manufactured to European standard BSEN 973, to create the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions that softens water and prevents the build up of scale without clumping or sludging.

Azelis Broste German manufacturer water softening salts are available in tablet form, supplied by Water Softener Salt UK across the UK

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