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Hydrosoft Water Softener Salt Granules 25kg x10

10 x 25kg Bags at £11.49+VAT

Hydrosoft Granular Water Softener Salt
Pallet Containing 10x 25kg Bags

Hydrosoft water softening salts dissolve evenly, so there are no problems with undissolved salt building up

Hydrosoft granular water softener salt is a rounded bead grown from individual crystals of salt. Hydrosoft is the only UK produced granular water softening salt made this way, which gives consistent brining in any water softener

Hydrosoft granular or tablet water softener salt is 99.9% pure and suitable for use in all makes of water softener - consult your literature to see whether the manufacturer recommends granules or tablets
Hydrosoft Water Softener Salt Granules Information Sheet

Delivery is free to the UK and Northern Ireland

Important information about access.
Your salt will arrive on a wooden pallet. The driver will lower this to the ground using the hydraulic tail-lift fitted to the vehicle, then use a hand operated pallet truck to move the pallet off the tail-lift platform and will follow your directions about where you want it. However, every delivery is different and the major factor is access restriction. Whilst every attempt will be made to get the pallet at least onto your property, we only guarantee that the delivery point will be to the kerb on the nearest accessible public road to your property. If there is an access issue for an 18 tonne truck on the highway leading to your property, either with weigh, height or width, please let us know when you place your order.

Standard delivery is usually within 7 working days for pallet orders.

Option for 10 x 25kg orders only:
***Should there be access issues for a large vehicle or you would prefer your order delivered in boxes rather than on a pallet please choose the “delivery by box” option below***

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