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normally able to offer a quick turnaround of within a couple of days with some items available for next day delivery or same day collection. 

Bulk Water Softener Salt Sales

Many of our best customers use water softening salt in large quantities, and of course we offer discounted rates for bulk wholesale purchases, even of our premium products.

How much is ‘bulk’? Quite a bit less than a lorry-load! Water Softener Salt UK has several different bulk packages available, but they start at just 20 x 25kg bags! Many of our small, medium and large sized commercial customers and quite a few property management services use Water Softener Salt UK exclusively for their bulk purchases, and offer the best water quality in the UK to their own clients.

Free delivery. Of course, if you’re after a quarter tonne of salt, you can’t just nip round in the car on the way to work for it. Water Softener Salt UK will deliver orders to home or business address in the UK, generally free of charge.

Does it take long to get a bulk order together? Not at all. Even the very largest orders are generally available for delivery in a few days.