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De-Icing Salt

Taken all together, the UK has had a few good winters in a row recently. However, the weather service, the dodgy old almanacs and the arthritis in my knee all agree that this winter may well be a cold one just like last year. Are you stocked up on de-icing salt? The first frost won’t be long now…

Water Softener Salt UK

is also one of the top suppliers of de-icing salt in the UK, and we have everything you need to prepare for the cold weather to come. Better still, it is all available for free delivery to almost any home or business address nationwide.

How does salt melt ice? As we already know, pure water (we’ll treat rain as pure even though we know better) freezes at 0oC. If that happens in the air, the result is usually snow. However, if a wet street or path gets down below zero overnight, the water and slush on it freezes into slick, solid ice.

However, if salt is spread out before it freezes, the salt dissolves into the water. The salty water (like the sea) won’t freeze until it gets much colder, and it doesn’t often get quite that cold here.

Even if the salt is spread on ice that is already frozen, the dark colour absorbs sunlight and causes the ice to melt just enough to dissolve the salt. It also acts as grit preventing slipping until the ice does melt.