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Water Softener Block Salt

Just like our premium tablet water softening salt and granular water softener salt, block salt is a purified, food grade salt that has been mechanically compacted into large blocks (about the size and shape of a common brick). The brick or block shape makes it extremely easy to load salt into your water softening system, and ensures that the salt dissolves into solution evenly and steadily, allowing for fast and efficient regeneration of the resin which does the heavy lifting in your water softener. Some of the newest and most efficient water softening systems use block salt rather than granulated or tablet salt. Water Softener Salt UK is proud to offers block water softener salt from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kinetico and Harvey, for free home, office or commercial premises delivery.

Harveys Water Softening Salt Blocks The Harvey company literally invented block salt for water softening in the 1980s, and has been a leading name in its production ever since. Each block they make today conforms to the same exemplary standards of purity and performance that they have always had. You can’t do much better than genuine Harvey’s salt blocks.

Kinetico Water Softening Blocks Kinetico has been a leading name in water softening salt products for more than four decades, so you can count on them for a superior quality salt block. Better still, Kinetico block salt is not shaped like a simple brick, but with ergonomically designed gripping surfaces to make your water softener even easier and safer to load.