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We have no doubt you know how annoying hard water can be.

The build-up of lime scale on bathroom surfaces alone is enough to keep a full-time cleaner in business, and there’s nothing worse than that last sip of tea that turns out to be crunchy. A modern water softening system can end all of that – but to work properly, you need to add top quality water softening salt from time to time.

Water Softener Salt UK stocks some of the best brand names in the business, and has them for pick-up at hundreds of locations across the country, or for free home delivery to any home or business address in the UK. Of course, different water softening systems use different types of salt:

Water Softener Salt Tablets 25kg and Water Softener Salt Tablets 10kg Tablet salt is one of the most convenient systems currently available, and they have the added advantage of being more efficient than most of the older systems which use granulated salt. Water Softener Salt UK stocks brands like Aquasol and Hydrosoft and also our own brand quality water softener salt tablets in both 10kg and 25kg bags, for free home, office or commercial delivery. Aquasol is also available to order for local pick-up. Water Softener Salt Granules 25kg and Water Softener Salt Granules 10kg A great many water softening systems in UK homes and businesses use salt granules rather than tablets or blocks. We stock some of the best brands in the business, including Hydrosoft and Granulite along with our own brand quality water softener salt, all are available with free delivery. Granulite is also available for pick-up at a collection point near you. Water Softener Salt Blocks Many new water softening systems use water softening salt blocks. We proudly stock block water softener salt from names like Kinetico and Harveys for delivery to any address in the UK!